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State of the Art Equipment

We have upgraded our equipment and are now using the same machines that are used by the best wine labs in the country to obtain a variety of wine analyses both quickly and accurately: FIAstar Wine (for SO2 analysis), the WineScan Flex (for most other analyses), the Gallery (for automated enzymatic analysis of multiple wine parameters and in the near future for testing soil, water and beer parameters).


In late June/early July, we are upgrading our data acquisition methods and will switch over to a Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS).  This will provide more accurate and quicker result reporting for our clients.  Additionally, it will also provide clients with the ability to check for your results in real time via the web.

ISO Accreditation.

Additional upgrades will be coming online for the next couple of months and we will be actively working towards ISO 17025 accreditation so you can be assured that you are receiving accurate results at the best prices in the field.

10th Anniversary

Lodi Winery Laboratories has now been serving Lodi and the Greater Lodi Area for 10 years! To celebrate our 10th anniversary we are bringing a plethora of upgrades online and have updated our logo.

TTB Certification

Our lab manager, Matt DiVisconte, is now a TTB Certified Chemist.

The TTB offers a certification program for the analysis of wine or distilled spirits for export to foreign markets. Many countries accept a report of analysis from a TTB-certified chemist accompanying the export shipment as a condition of entry.  Twice a year, TTB provides a list of certified chemists qualified laboratories to the foreign governments.

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